Why Branding Matters

Scarcity doesn’t exist anymore.

No matter what the service or product people are looking for, in today’s world, they have a dozen choices of who to purchase from.

So why should they choose you?

Differentiating yourself purely through price or quality is an almost impossible strategy for entering or dominating a new market.  What dominates now is brand. Your brand defines the relationship you have with your prospect and customer. It’s why they come back to you and not the other 11 Joe Schmoe’s offering the same exact product or service.

Don’t Deliver a Product, Deliver an Experience

Steve Jobs said that he wanted Apple products to provide an experience, not just a function. Apple is widely thought to be the strongest brand on the planet today.

When a customer looks at your website, logo, pamphlet, store front or advertisement, it should tell them a story of “why” you do what you do. When your customer base understands and connects with your brand, it not only will form a stronger bond from the very beginning, but they’ll also be willing to pay top dollar for it.

When your customers finally choose to convert and make a purchase, it is branding that will either make or break the relationship. If your customers have a good experience that doesn’t just end with the purchase decision, then they’ll not only be more likely to return for future purchases but will also be willing to tell others about their experience. Customer advocates are the most valuable tools your company can use to change minds and persuade leads.

Is your branding working?

You need a brand that fits your company uniquely, featuring your strengths and capitalizes on your target audience.

Not sure if your current brand is working? Or not even sure where to start?

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Founder & Lead Digital Strategist at Zullo Media.

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